• 2019 Fly In Festival report

    I have been attending Bluegrass Festivals since the early seventies both as a band member and a spectator. When my friend Tim Corbett invited me to the Fly In Festival 2019, the fourth one, I decided to invite my friend Melinda

  • Tim Austin talks Earl Scruggs Tribute

    Much has been written about Earl Scruggs over the years, and most recently since the passing of this icon in American music. With the long-awaited June 5 release of Foggy Mountain Special - A Tribute To Earl Scruggs on Rounder

  • God’s Lent Child – Darel Wiles

    While checking my Facebook account back in November, I ran across a post from an old friend, Rick Pardue. He and Tommy Long were having a reunion show at a venue down in North Carolina called Harry’s Place. I believe

  • The Rose Garden Inn

    Growing up in Hurricane WV was a real blessing in my life. Hurricane and surrounding towns were a hotbed of bluegrass music lovers, with a wealth of fine musicians. I remember as a young man, when my dad took me


    If you think that this article is going to pit one organization against the other, or compare one to the other, then just stop reading now. A friend once told me that for every stone I throw, expect ten stones

  • A Shot of Uncle Randy Driskill

    Randy Driskill (Randolph to his bluegrass music friends, except for Terry Baucom who still fondly calls him Disco) is as much of a natural musician as there is. God truly gave this man a talent for hearing a song and

  • A Tack In Your Hammer

    Christmas time is with us again, and while we celebrate the birth of Jesus most of all, it’s also time to reflect on 2011 and recognize that none of us are worthy of the blessings we have received this year.

  • Clifton Clowers

    "They say don’t go, on Wolverton Mountain If you’re looking, for a wife. 'Cause Clifton Clowers, has a pretty young daughter And he’s mighty handy, with a gun and a knife." Most of you folks that were around in the 1960s, and maybe some

  • Tim Austin: Where Is He Now?

    I first met Tim Austin in late 1978, or early '79, while he was traveling with the Bluegrass Cardinals. Tim was a young musician getting his start selling The Cardinals' records, tapes, and merchandise at their live performances. They had rolled

  • Bill Browning remembered

    This contribution is the first from John "Buckwheat" Green, who we hope will be a regular contributor to Bluegrass Today. It serves as a quick introduction to his musical background, followed by his remembrance of an old friend. He is