• 13 Or So – Nick Hornbuckle

    Instrumental albums can present something of a challenge. Without the benefit of vocals or clearly defined melodies, listeners may not find a means to connect, especially with a lack of lyrical narrative. That said, credit Nick Hornbuckle with creating an

  • Dreaming Small – Timothy Scott

    There’s both sweetness and sincerity imbued in Dreaming Small, the ironically named EP from North Carolina native Timothy Scott. It’s an easy and amenable song that allows for a clear connection and a sense of familiarity even when hearing these

  • Shake, Rattle & Roar – Randy Barrett

    Randy Barrett seems to come by his craft naturally. A singer, songwriter, banjo player, fiddler, teacher, and luthier, he’s enjoyed a 40 year career recreating sounds of vintage origins. A winner of seven Washington area music awards and a member

  • Undeniable – Nothin’ Fancy

    It’s one thing to be so technically proficient, you simply dazzle your audiences with ability and execution. In bluegrass realms, that’s an especially important additive. Yet it’s equally essential — perhaps even more so — to make an emotional impact

  • Hello Stranger – Eliza Meyer

    It’s evident even from an initial listen that Eliza Meyer is an old soul in teenage trappings. Born and raised in North Carolina, this high school junior is a musical prodigy who digs into her state’s deep well of tradition

  • Bad for You – The Steeldrivers

    It’s been a while since we’ve heard from The Steeldrivers. Their most recent prior album, 2015’s The Muscle Shoals Recordings, was honored with a Grammy for Best Bluegrass Album. Not long after, lead singer Gary Nichols took a medical leave,

  • Heart Lake – Ben Krakauer

    Banjoist Ben Krakauer’s first solo album, Heart Lake, is the culmination of a considerable number of kudos he accumulated early on. A professional touring musician since his late teens, he’s adept at bluegrass, jazz, and new acoustic music to great