Bush on the Time Machine

Wichita Rutherford & Sam BushWichita Rutherford has invited Sam Bush to co-host his Sirius radio show, The Grand Old Time Machine, this week. The last time this duo worked together was the year Bush hosted the IBMA Award Show with Wichita co-hosting via video.

Wichita tells me they are going to have a good time with this. Sam will have his mandolin in the studio with him as they host the show. It seems Wichita has issued a challenge to Sam concerning TV theme songs. Wichita has bet $20 that Sam won’t be able to play more than three TV show theme songs off the cuff with Wichita calling them out as they go. I love ya Wichita but I think my money may be on Sam for this one!

They also have plans to discuss the history of Bluegrass, and specifically the era of the 60’s and 70’s. They’ll also discuss the viability of Satellite Radio and the similarities between the situation now and the old days of terrestrial radio when Bluegrass was just getting started.

Another topic of discussion with the recently proposed “More Bluegrass Law” and its import for the citizens of The City of Bluegrass.

Sam will be hosting a contest as well. It’s a “Sound Like Wichita” contest with the winner receiving a guitar shaped commode seat with Wichita’s picture on it! Details here.

Each episode of The Grand Old Time Machine airs Fridays at 9pm Eastern and Saturday night at 12, then the following Tuesday at 3PM Eastern. So tune in tonight to hear Sam co-hosting with Wichita. It should be a good show!