Build Yourself an Ark video from Kat Wallace and David Sasso

Kat Wallace and David Sasso are a folk/bluegrass/Americana duo who write and record original music from their respective homes in Boston, MA and New Haven, CT. They met as members of the bluegrass band, Five ‘n Change, and began their duet relationship playing music for mandolin and fiddle, with David on mando family instruments and Kat on violin.

A debut album, Stuff of Stars, showcased their restrained duet sound, but the two artists have decided to go for a broader sound on their next project, Old Habits, set to hit on October 1.

A debut single from the album, Build Yourself an Ark, was released last week. It contains the sort of introspective and reflective songs so many writers have produced during a year of lockdowns and being taught to be fearful of one another. It begins with the Biblical injunction given to Noah, and transforms into a parable for contemporary life.

They describe the song thusly…

“The lyrics of this simple folk-country waltz provide ‘instructions for a modern-day ark.’ The song reflects on the very real and painful need to stay inside our figurative ‘arks’ over the past year, and what we would choose to safeguard during catastrophe.”

Kat and David produced this video from the recording sessions for the tracks, with Sasson on guitar, mandolin, and lead vocals, and Wallace on fiddle and vocals. They are supported by Mike Robinson on pedal steel, Brittany Karlson on bass and vocals, and Ariel Bernstein on drums.

Build Yourself an Ark is available now on iTunes and Spotify. Pre-orders for the full Old Habits album can be placed on bandcamp.

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