Bluegrass CDs containing Sony’s XCP software

Sony/BMG recently came under fire for releasing CDs with XCP Digital Rights Management software. This software is a rootkit software and opened the door to virus writers. This form of content protection was so hotly debated (not to mention the fact that it earned Sony a few lawsuits and a boycott) that Sony/BMG has decided to pull the CDs and reissue them without the software. They have now released a list of the 52 CDs that contain the much debated XCP software. The list can be found here. Below I’ve highlighted the three discs that I think may be of interest to readers of Bluegrass Today.

20. Earl Scruggs – I Saw The Light With Some Help From My Friends – CK92793
23. Flatt & Scruggs – Foggy Mountain Jamboree – CK92801
30. Jon Randall – Walking Among The Living – EK92083

As they begin to re-release these discs, the item number is the thing to watch.

We will shortly be releasing new versions of these titles without the XCP software. You therefore need to check this list for both the name of the album and the item number (which can be found on the spine of the CD). If the item number is not listed below, your CD does not contain XCP content protection.

If you have already purchased a disc containing the software, Sony is offering an exchange program.