Bluegrass Billy Idol

With the advent of Guitar Hero, anyone is a, well… guitar hero. Microsoft has taken that concept to the art of songwriting with their newest software offering, Songsmith.

With Songsmith you can write songs, even if you don’t know music. Sounds dangerous doesn’t it? We’ll here’s some proof. Someone has taken an existing song and used Songsmith to create an alternate version. Using the built in banjo sounds, they have recreated Billy Idol’s classic song, White Wedding.

This bluegrass version of “White Wedding,” with a down-home banjo beat underlying the vocal work of Mr. Idol himself, is as remarkable for its technical quality as it is for its bone-chilling badness…

Despite the headline and leading sentence at Escapist Magazine, they assure us that the end of civilization has not come, and no one has, to date, died from watching this. Yet the risk is very real, view at your own discretion!