Becky Buller Band Bluegrass Birthday Bash

Not only can the Grammy-nominated songwriter put together a fine run of alliteration to name a special occasion, but she also really knows how to throw a party. 

“Thank you so much to each and everyone one of you for coming out tonight to help me celebrate a significant birthday,” Becky Buller told the crowd at The Station Inn (January 31) after the audience kicked off an impromptu singing of Happy Birthday to the singer/fiddler.

“So many wonderful people have recorded my songs through the years, and I am so grateful for that. We’ve got some guests tonight who have recorded my songs on their records, and also some guests who have recorded with me.”

The 8-time IBMA award winner invited a variety of musical guests to toast the big 4-0 with her. After she and her band performed a couple of songs including Heart of the House, Buller brought out the first of her special musical guests, Grammy-winning group, Fairfield Four. 

“I fell in love with the music of the Fairfield Four through their collaborations with the Nashville Bluegrass Band in the 1990s,” Buller told the audience. “I started writing some songs that I thought would suit their style and had no way of knowing how to get the songs to them.”

But her record producer was able to hook her up with the legendary quartet, who with Buller delivered a spirited version of Buller’s song, Written in the Back of the Book from her latest CD, Crepe Paper Heart.

“It’s been so much fun hanging out with them and sharing music,” Buller said. “It’s been really a treat for me.”

Other guests included the Del McCoury Band’s Alan Bartram, record producer, Stephen Mougin, Dark Shadow Recording owner/producer.

Before the end of the opening set, Buller brought Sam Bush up on stage to perform for the first time live, The Rebel and the Rose. It was just the two of them singing with Buller on banjo for the song while Bush played mandolin. As they were walking off stage at intermission, her band interrupted their departure with a birthday cake for their boss. 

“Thank you for not putting a forest of candles on there,” Buller joked. 

Her banjoist Ned Luberecki said, “We found a thing of matches back there. How many do we stick in there? 39.9?”

“I’m two score,” the 40-year-old replied. “I’m glad to be here.” 

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