Becky Buller Band at Hollow Point Farms

Becky Buller Band at Hollow Point Farms in Bushnell, FL (2/19/23) – photo © Bill Warren

What does one do after a weekend bluegrass festival? Go to two bluegrass shows on Sunday!

We did exactly that after the Palatka Bluegrass Festival, and did the two things that bluegrassers love best – eat and listen to great music.

The first stop was at the Dam Smoker BBQ in Eustis, FL where we stuffed ourselves on ribs and pulled pork.

Then the Grand Ole Osprey Band played. They were a little shorthanded. Apparently there was some kind of car race in the area that the banjo player had tickets for, and the dobro player was ill. They soldiered on all the same and provided great music to a raucous crowd.

From there we moved on to a very different venue. We went to Hollow Point Farms where Bruce Watson has been hosting house concerts for the past seven or eight years. And there was more food!

The Becky Buller Band provided the evening’s entertainment. Bruce’s first concert featured Valerie Smith when Becky was part of that band.

Ned Luberecki and Becky have a comedic chemistry that is amazing. Sometimes it’s verbal jousting and sometimes sight gags. The best was Becky on stage with just her mandolin player. They were supposed to do one song and then the rest of the band come back. As they opened the door from the green room she said to wait she had decided to do another song. All we heard was the door slam. Everyone – including Becky – burst out laughing.

Becky is a premier entertainer. If you have not seen her – why not??

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