• Tara’s Wednesday World of Bluegrass report

    Wednesday was another day of overwhelming options with so many cool things to see and learn about. There were the obvious music showcases of performers, the Momentum Awards Luncheon, and workshops on many aspects of the business. One of the things I

  • Tuesday report from IBMA ’16

    Tuesday officially kicked off the IBMA convention and once again, participants were greeted warmly by Raleigh which once again did a nice job of setting the atmosphere for the week with their Bluegrass-izing of the famous bronze statue of Sir

  • Photos from World of Bluegrass ’16

    Here's our first batch of photos from the 2016 World of Bluegrass convention in Raleigh, NC. These come from this afternoon's Keynote Address, delivered by Marian Leighton-Levy. The reception for attendees was opened by an official welcome from city leaders,

  • Saturday at Grey Fox ’16

    Saturday was full of options and activities for all ages. The family tent had music shows, puppet shows, face painting, and activities for kids. There were dance workshops, called dances (squares, contras, etc), and plenty of bands to dance in

  • Friday at Grey Fox 2016

    Friday of Grey Fox 2016 was jam packed full of a wide variety of traditional and progressive bluegrass and related musics, legends, and new faces and sounds. Whether one wanted to see names that they had known and followed for

  • Thursday at Grey Fox 2016

    Another great year at the Grey Fox Bluegrass Festival just concluded this past weekend. It is definitely a family reunion for many people who come from all over the country to see old friends, make new ones, learn some new ideas

  • Weiser 2016 report

    Another great year has just concluded at the National Oldtime Fiddler's Contest and Festival in Weiser, Idaho. New this year, folks all over the world could tune in on their computers and watch the main stage as it happens since