• Berklee College goes to Ireland

    Berklee College of Music has been showing a lot of interest in acoustic, stringed music in the last few years. The formation of the acoustic string principal at the school has led to recruiting forays at IBMA and other bluegrass

  • Eric Ellis to record

    Back in the fall of 2007 we told you about the Appalachian Music: Roots and Influences concentration being offered at Appalachian State University in Boone, NC. At the time we reported that former Joe Val and the New England Bluegrass

  • Music Quality vs Recording Quality

    With all the advances in technology, it seems we've created a contrast in the way music is produced, and the way it's consumed. On one hand, recording technology has enabled the recording of high resolution audio. Most studios these days are

  • Billboard Bluegrass Chart Returns

    During the summer of 2008, Billboard Magazine reduced the number of charts included in the print edition of the magazine. The Bluegrass chart was one of the casualties. Removed from the print edition, it was only available to subscribers via

  • Win Free Tickets to see Earl Scruggs

    Earl Scruggs is a national treasure. He is one of the greatest musicians in American history, and seeing him live is a thrill. If you are a banjo player it's extra special. Our friend Cindy Baucom of Knee-Deep In Bluegrass, has

  • John Jorgenson Quintet live streaming

    While his Quintet may not be exactly bluegrass, John Jorgenson certainly has the credentials to merit attention here on Bluegrass Today. John is one of the most talented musicians you'll ever see. The last time I saw him perform live,

  • Visit Virginia’s Crooked Road

    Dallas Morning News ran a story yesterday about Virginia's Crooked Road and the music that inhabits this area. Starting in Flyod, VA at the Country Store, the story continues along the trail all the way to the Ralph Stanley Museum and

  • 360 deals explained

    This is for all you artists out there that have been hearing the term "360 deal" but haven't really understood the details of what constitutes such a deal and why an artist would pursue one. Bruce Warila at the Music Think

  • Randy Barns joins Josh Williams

    Josh Williams has announced a personnel change for the Josh Williams Band. Bass player Tim Dishman has elected to spend more time at home with his family, and to devote more time to his day job. Randy Barnes comes into

  • Bluegrass and internet technology

    If you're in the business of bluegrass in any capacity, you've probably given some attention to using the multitude of online networks and tools to increase your business. The list continues to grow, myspace, facebook, twitter, etc. So the question