• Unsigned Bluegrass on SiriusXM

    If you're in an unsigned bluegrass band and want to have your music played on SIRIUS/XM, here's your chance. Our favorite Mayor (of Bluegrass), Wichita Rutherford, has pledged to play music from one or two unsigned bands on his show

  • CMT News: CD Obituary

    CMT News recently published an obituary for the CD. Citing irrelevance as the cause of death, they presented a humorous and instructive look at the life of the CD in the music industry. The author isn't sad to see the CD

  • Tour Taylor Guitars Factory

    For all you guitar players out there, Acoustic Guitar Magazine recently published a nice walk through tour of the Taylor Guitars factory. Complete with pictures at every step, the story takes you through an 18 step process beginning with the selection

  • Cotton Patch Gospel

    I can still remember the first time I saw the video of Cotton Patch Gospel. It was a televised version that was broadcast sometime around 1994. I laughed so hard I cried. And the music was bluegrass, which appealed to

  • Bluegrass Seeds Banjo Magazine

    For those bluegrass/banjo fans in the Cheshire region of England, there is a new magazine available for free. Bluegrass Seeds Banjo Magazine is intended to be a British version of Banjo Newsletter. Bluegrass Seeds Banjo Magazine is complete with interviews,

  • Katy Hill goes cross cultural

    Here's a video of John Reischman and the Jaybirds together with the Mei Han's Red Chamber performing Katy Hill at Vancouver Community College. Talk about cross cultural! The instruments being used here include the standard mandolin, bass, guitar, and banjo, but

  • Braille-friendly banjo tab

    Those who are visually impaired have access to many great books via the braille system of reading. When it comes to music instruction though, they are pretty well delegated to learning by ear. While learning by ear has many advantages,

  • CD Baby

    Not long ago we reported on another year of declining CD sales within the music industry. So we thought it'd be nice to share the story of increased sales at CD Baby. CD Baby reports that their CD sales for 2008

  • A Banjo in The Office

    I'm sure there are at least a few fans of The Office among us. So you may have already caught the episode in which Ed Helms, in character as Andy Bernard, plays the banjo. It turns out Helms is a real

  • SiriusXM finds new investor

    After reporting yesterday that Sirius XM was considering a bankruptcy filing, we discovered this Reuters story indicating that creditors had issued a warning to Sirius' CEO Mel Karmazin, threatening to seek his removal if bankruptcy was chosen rather than a