• Stolen Instruments in Nashville

    Jesse Cobb of the Infamous Stringdusters wrote in to inform us of his brother's loss of four instruments. The guitar should be easily identifiable by its serial number. The other instruments will not be so easy to identify. But if you

  • The Banjo: good or evil?

    Here's a quote from a recent post on the Dallas Morning News religion blog. My grandfather...was kicked out of a church in 1919 for playing the banjo with the youth group. Obviously everybody knew the banjo was an instrument of Satan! Discuss

  • A Solution for Songwriters?

    Undeniably, songwriters are suffering from the changes the music industry is undergoing as a result of digital technology, especially the internet. With income streams drying up or rapidly changing, a solution needs to be found for the songwriter. Bruce Warila, at

  • Would You Pay To See Steve Martin Play The Banjo?

    That's the question PollStar is asking. PollStar is a major hub for finding concert dates of your favorite artists. Searching for an artist, such as Rhonda Vincent, will present you with a complete list of concert dates, including more info about

  • Wichita Tweets Merlefest

    Merlefest gets underway today. It's one of the biggest festivals in the country and many, if not most, of your favorite bluegrass acts will be performing at some point during the week. If you're not there, but you'd like to know

  • Banjo Marathon

    No, it's not a marathon of banjo picking...well, yes it is actually. But it's an actual marathon as well, you know, the kind that involves running. The 2009 Country Music Marathon in Nashville takes place this Saturday and John Longmire, of

  • Oh-No Banjo!

    I don't know how many of you have given Guitar Hero a try, but maybe you'll be interested in this. Bill Destler, president of the Rochester Institute of Technology, is a collector of antique banjos and loves technology. With the help

  • Wichita on your TomTom

    If you are a user of the portable GPS devices known as TomTom, and a bluegrass fan, you may be interested in this. Apparently these handy little devices not only give you directions, they can actually speak the directions to

  • Bob Dylan interview

    The Huffington Post, one of the more popular blogs on the internet, recently posted the exclusive fifth part of an interview with Bob Dylan, conducted by "rock critic and MTV producer Bill Flanagan." Dylan is soon to release Together Through Life,

  • Sarah Jarosz: Song Up In Her Head

    Austin360.com has a nice story up about Sarah Jarosz and her forthcoming recording, Song Up In Her Head. Co-produced with Gary Paczosa, the project is set to be released June 16 on Sugar Hill Records. If you're unfamiliar with Jarosz, be