Berklee College goes to Ireland

Berklee in Dublin, IrelandBerklee College of Music has been showing a lot of interest in acoustic, stringed music in the last few years. The formation of the acoustic string principal at the school has led to recruiting forays at IBMA and other bluegrass events. This effort has resulted in many talented bluegrass musicians finding a home at the school.

Now the college is taking their recruiting efforts to Ireland.

Berklee College of Music is investing in Ireland to bring young talent across the Atlantic to its Boston campus. Ireland, though rich in musical heritage, is underrepresented at Berklee, a multicultural melting pot that includes students from more than 70 countries. The college’s means of investment is two-fold: First is Berklee in Dublin, April 13-17, a series of improvisation workshops that allow students to study with Berklee’s world renowned faculty. Second, April 18-19, is a visit by admissions representatives and professors to audition and interview students for scholarships for summer and full-time study at Berklee in Boston.

More information concerning these workshops and auditions can be found in the press release on the Berklee College of Music website.

HT: The Bluegrass Ireland Blog