Acoustic Blue – “This Is Now” Album released

This_Is_Now_Cover.jpgAcoustic Blue is proud to announce the release of their third recording project entitled, “This Is Now”. The 15 song recording has some great material on it, ranging from songs written by members of the band like, “Carved Into A Stone” and “Best Of Her” to some great traditional numbers like, “I’ll Break Out Again Tonight” and “I’d Rather Be Alone”. The highlight of the album for the band was being honored to have their good friend, Smokey Greene, featured on the song “Don’t Tell Mama”. Between Corey Zink’s lead singing and Smokey’s recitation, it will just tear your heart out.

The band put a lot of thought into the song selection in hopes that there would be something for everyone to enjoy on it. The recording is available for purchase from Acoustic Blue’s official website, and will soon be available from CDBaby and ITunes, as well as other locations.