I seldom take the time to write anything except memos or post orders for our officers.

But in this case I felt a need to write.

In their short stay at Daytona Beach, I found the Lovell Sisters Band to be one of the most enjoyable I have seen or worked with in years.

Their attitudes, their excitement, their enthusiasm and their professionalism was unsurpassed.

We have litterally covered hundreds of people in the music industry in the past and I must say, this band has absolutely wonderful and talented young ladys.  In fact, the entire band was most welcome, not to leave out the courtious young men with them.

I am an old picker myself and I understand life on the road from both sides.

So, hello from Frank (the security manager) Lovell Sisters Band, and keep on truckin on.

I expect to see more of you in the future.  And I never got to ask, Did you enjoy the LSO performance? 

Frank in Daytona Beach Florida