2024 Abingdon Fiddlers Convention Results

Calvary’s Chosen, 1st Place Bluegrass Gospel Band at Abingdon Fiddlers’ – photo © G Nicholas Hancock

One hundred seventeen contestants braved the heatwave to compete in the 3rd Abingdon Fiddlers’ Convention this past Friday through Sunday at the Washington County Fairgrounds in Abingdon, VA. They competed in both bluegrass and old-time categories for a total of $8,500 in cash and prizes, including unique handcrafted ironwork trophies made by Melissa Conner.

Tim White of the Song of the Mountains television show served as the event’s MC and Carson Peters & Iron Mountain performed an hour long set as additional entertainment on Friday night. 

Winners for this year’s competition were:

Youth Fiddle (Bluegrass)

  1. Shawn Rippel 
  2. Lydia Walls
  3. Avery Ervin
  4. Carrson Blankenship

Youth Fiddle (Old Time)

  1. Savannah Hodges
  2. Charlotte Simmons

Youth Guitar

  1. Corbin Walls
  2. River Smith
  3. Miles Welch

Youth Bass

  1. Sawyer Smith

Youth Dobro

  1. Charlie Tolbert

Youth Mandolin

  1. Charlie Tolbert
  2. Noah Phipps
  3. Hollace Oakes
  4. Sarah Walls

Youth Banjo (Bluegrass)

  1. Berkley Stewart
  2. River Smith
  3. Easton Compton
  4. Silas Walls

Youth Banjo (Old Time)

  1. Nelson Blankenship

Youth Folk Song

  1. Mary Sheffield
  2. Robin Welch
  3. Lucy Smith
  4. Hollace Oakes
  5. Miles Welch

Youth Band (Bluegrass)

  1. Denim & Plaid
  2. Roan Street Ramblers
  3. Four Walls

Best All Around Performer (Youth)

  • Charlie Tolbert

Adult Fiddle (Bluegrass)

  1. Charlie Tolbert
  2. Cody Bauer
  3. Hollace Oakes

Adult Fiddle (Old Time)

  1. Cody Bauer
  2. Grayson McGuire
  3. Hollace Oakes

Adult Guitar

  1. Matt Osborne
  2. Jacob Sheffield
  3. Wayne Dye

Adult Bass

  1. Sadie Yates
  2. Lloyd Richardson
  3. Stacy Boyd

Adult Autoharp

  1. Vickie Boyd

Adult Mandolin

  1. Vince Bullins
  2. Jacob Sheffield
  3. Charlie Tolbert

Adult Banjo (Bluegrass)

  1. Travis Watts
  2. Josiah Sheffield
  3. Frankie Key

Adult Banjo (Old Time)

  1. Freddie Parrish
  2. Brock Greer
  3. Robbie Herman

Adult Dobro

  1. Holyer Olson

Adult Harmonica

  1. Bill Byrd
  2. Frankie Key

Adult Folk Song

  1. Robbie Herman
  2. Mary Sheffield
  3. Leslie Smith

Adult Flatfoot Dance

  1. Hollace Oakes
  2. Travis Watts
  3. Debbie Yates

Adult Band (Bluegrass)

  1. Second Manassas
  2. Coyote Ugly
  3. Southern Connection
  4. Town and Country

Adult Band (Old Time)

  1. Rays of Sonshine
  2. Newfound Gap
  3. Acoustic Heritage

Best All Around Performer (Adult)

  • Vince Bullins (Mandolin)

Bluegrass Gospel Band

  1. Calvary’s Chosen
  2. Sam Phipps Bluegrass Sounds
  3. Rays of Sonshine

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Nicholas Hancock is a former newspaper writer and editor who also played rhythm guitar in The Bluegrass Gentlemen from 1968 through mid-1974. Today, he is retired and enjoying his hobby of photographing bluegrass and other music events.