2011 WDVX Banjer Marching Band

We’ve had occasion to mention WDVX a number of times on Bluegrass Today, typically with respect to Blue Plate Special, their noontime live performance program that airs weekdays at 102.9 FM out of Knoxville, TN.

They feature a healthy dose of bluegrass and old time music in their programming, but we want to highlight WDVX today for their support of the Banjer Marching Band, who took part in the April 29 Dogwood Parade in Knoxville. Imagine a couple dozens banjo pickers marching along the parade route… that would be hard to ignore!

Jack Hatfield, who manages Hatfield Music in nearby Pigeon Forge, was brought in to lead the bluegrass folks, and Matt Morelock, one of the hosts of Blue Plate Special, managed the old timey pluckers.

The station posted a few photos online; does this qualify as cruel and unusual?