“Winner’s Choice” Guitar Raffle

As a lover of bluegrass and local jam sessions, I’m holding a “Winner’s Choice” Raffle: A BR70 Blueridge Guitar or $500 cash. The guitar has a retail value of $850.00. Proceeds will support the free Friday Night Jam at Good Deale Bluegrass Shop, 655 Deale Rd., Deale, MD 20751.
The drawing will be held at the shop’s Chili Cook-Off Contest, October 20th, at 5 p.m. Winner need not be present.

$5.00 per coupon $20.00 for five (Coupons with information below are being used.)

Call Claire 410.507.3362 or Good Deale Bluegrass Shop 410.867.2400 for more information.

Mail with Cash, Check or Money Order Made Out To: Claire O’Neil-Prior, 4468 Owensville-Sudley Rd., Harwood, MD 20776, or Purchase coupon At The Good Deale Bluegrass Shop.

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I’m new to this Blog, so if there are any questions please call. Thanks for the support. Claire