Weiser 2014 report

Last week Tara Linhardt traveled west for the The National Oldtime Fiddlers’ Contest & Festival in Weiser, Idaho. This year she has shared a wealth of photos and videos.

The National Oldtime Fiddlers’ Contest & Festival So once again Weiser was a highlight of the year for many folks including myself, pulling together a truly amazing number of wonderful musicians who make music on the contest stages, the stages in town and in the museum, and throughout the the Weiser campgrounds filling the days and evenings with all forms of sweet music. As has been a tradition since 1953 when the contest started it is a hot bed for Texas style fiddlin, but also has lots of folks who come to enjoy, listen to, play, and learn Bluegrass, Old Time, Swing Jazz styles.There are loads of workshops and a Kid’s Academy. They added a new banjo contest last year and this year they added a Swing Fiddlin Category on the main contest stage that was very popular and a real hit.


Hula hooping while fiddlin' in Certified Contest at Weiser 2014 - photo by Tara LinhardtWeiser hosts “Certified Showcases” that one doesn’t see at most festivals. They have them Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday of the festival. To be in the contest a fiddler must win first place at one of the qualifying state or regional contest that at is “certified” by The National Old time Fiddler’s Contest and they are can win awards for “best costuming,” fanciest fiddling,” or “best entertainer.” This is where you get to see some funny crazy stuff and zany costumes along with the music. I included some photos so you can see for yourself.

There was also a hopping Swing Dance in the upstairs of the Museum with a fantastic line up of great musicians in attendance, both playing and dancing.

Bette Hopper the oldest fiddler at Weiser 2014, at 92 years old. Her father was one of the Weiser Festival founders. photo by Tara LinhardtYou can really sense the great respect these people have for their history and the folks who helped to make it. They have newspaper clippings and articles along the walls, a prominent display of Grand Champions up to present that one can hope to have their name added to, give an annual award to the oldest fiddler, and have annual induction into their Hall of Fame for fiddlers and accompanists.

See all of Tara’s Weiser 2014 photos on page 2… 

Below is a listing of the winners of the different categories of the official contests in the main building.

Swing Division 17 and Under:

  1. Justin Sherfey, 15, Spokane, WA
  2. C.J. Neary, 8, Bend, OR
  3. Cara DiGiovanni, 15, Greenbrier, TN
  4. Celeste Pena,13, Palo Cedro, CA
  5. Sophie Pena, 11, Palo Cedro, CA


Swing Adult Division:

  1. James Mason, 55, Vancouver, WA
  2. Katie Glassman, 33, Denver, CO
  3. Paul Anastasio, 61, Shoreline, WA
  4. Katrina Nicolayeff, 31, Meridian, ID
  5. Maddie Denton, 20, Murfreesboro, TN




Small Fry:

  1. Christopher (C.J.) Neary, 8, Bend, OR
  2. Luke Allison, 8, Bend, OR
  3. Logan Davis, 7, Rigby, ID
  4. David Lin, 8, Lexington, KY
  5. Cadence Fehrs, 8, Nampa, ID



  1. Regina Scott, 12, Tulsa, OK
  2. Grace Elaine Christensen, 12, Shelley, ID
  3. Elliott Dean, 12, Buda, TX
  4. Dylon Fehrs, 11, Nampa, ID
  5. Grace Partridge, 9, Rigby, ID



  1. Justin Sherfey, 15 Spokane, WA
  2. Celeste Johnson, 15, Arvada, CO
  3. Harrison Schumann, 17, San Antonio, TX
  4. Tabitha Snell, 17, Rigby, ID
  5. Josh Partridge, 16, Rigby, ID


Young Adult:

  1. Hannah Grace King, 18, Bridger, MT
  2. Seth Mattison, 27, Nampa, ID
  3. Lilly Brogger, 19, Three Forks, MT
  4. Miya Saito-Beckman, 19, Bend, OR
  5. Shelby Rae Russell, 18, Ammon, ID



  1. Gary Schuh, 40, Gresham, OR
  2. Cody Stadelmaier, 42, Fort Collins, CO
  3. Andy Emert, 43, Portland, OR
  4. Grant Wheeler, 46, Los Angeles, CA
  5. Kimberly Meeks, 43, Post Falls, ID



  1. B. Starr McMullen, 62, Corvallis, OR
  2. Mike Oenbring, 61, Granite Falls, WA
  3. Gene Banks, 64, Athens, TX
  4. Eileen Walter, 62, Portland, OR
  5. Daniel Touchstone, 64, San Diego, CA



  1. Vivian Williams, 76, Seattle, WA
  2. Mabel Vogt, 71, Potlatch, ID
  3. Mary Ellen Weathers, 76, Yuma, AZ
  4. Duane Stephens, 72, Grangeville, ID
  5. Hughie Smith, 81, Bakersfield, CA


National Grand Champion

  1. Luke Price, 28, Portland, OR
  2. Katrina Nicolayeff, 34, Meridian, ID
  3. Tristan Clarridge, 27, Kensington, CA
  4. Tashina Clarridge, 32, Bainbridge Island, WA
  5. Laura Waters, 18, Idaho Falls, ID
  6. Sedra Bistodeau, 19, Princeton, MN
  7. Megan Lynch-Chowning, 39, Goodlettsville, TN
  8. Katie Glassman, 33, Denver, CO


See all of Tara’s Weiser 2014 photos on page 2…