Tommy Webb’s single debuts at #11 on BMP TOP 20 Music Chart for July

Irvine, Ky (July 6, 2007) – “If It Weren’t for Bluegrass Music I’d Go Crazy” from Tommy Webbs CD “Eastern Kentucky” is #11 on Bluegrass Music Profiles TOP 20 chart, and #10 on The BoMan’s America’s Bluegrass Chart. Check their links at and

Tommy has also launched his new website that contains his current schedule, bio’s, guestbook, and CD ordering information. Site updates are occuring daily as he adds photo’s and promotional material.

Tommy Webb’s new CD “Eastern Kentucky”, produced by the phenom Ron Stewart, was released in May and has received critical acclaim from numerous reviewers…

“Wow! The impact of this extraordinary cd just takes your breath away. If you enjoy listening to authentic bluegrass from years past, then this cd fits that bill. Using his voice as a musical instrument the voices ebb & flow back & forth & come back together to create a beautiful sound. I was totally mesmerized while listening to this wonderful cd. If after hearing this project you don’t tell someone you have done a disservice to the bluegrass community.” Al Schusterman


“I think Eastern Kentucky has the potential to become one of the finest releases in 2007. Tommy Webb has a unique vocal style and the selections are good hard core bluegrass tunes. The music behind him is good and solid and complements his vocals. You will need to definitely put this CD in your collection.” – J.D.Crowe

“This album is my first introduction to Tommy Webb. I get the impression that his quartet can put on a very entertaining show. They have good emotionally-charged material, and it’s presented with distinguished vocalizing and consummate musicianship.” – Joe Ross

For more information and the latest news visit Tommy’s links at, or