The Skinner Family Band-new CD for FREE!!

Hello everyone, I am very proud to say that we have finished our new instrumental CD “Instrumental Special”.  It is full of great Reno tunes and old favorites.  The kids did such a great job on it!  Both our “Instrumental Special” and our 2006 CD “Bluegrass Favorites” are available through our website at   But, we want to share our music with others and to do that we need to get our name out there to more folks.  So I have decided to make our new CD available to download for free.  You can listen to some tunes from both CDs on our myspace page here: Our MySpace Page 

We do not intend on playing music for a living but we are looking to possibly branch out further into Tennessee and surrounding states for some shows.  So if you like what you hear please let us know.  And if you would like to have us do a show in your area please contact us or tell your local show promoters about us.  You can also watch videos of us on youtube here: Our YouTube Videos

To download our new CD “Instrumental Special” click the link below.  Thank you and I hope you enjoy our music!  Click here to download “Instrumental Special”

Jason Skinner
contact us at: