The Kenny & Amanda Smith BAND

We just heard again from Kenny Smith, who said he is getting all sorts of phone calls from folks who think that he and Amanda have disbanded their group, and will be playing strictly as a duo henceforth. News flash: not true.

He said he got a text at 1:00 a.m. this morning from a concerned show producer, and has been answering frantic questions on the road all day.

This all stems from a piece we did yesterday about some changes in their lineup, the announcement of which happened to coincide with a string of long-scheduled duo shows Kenny and Amanda are doing the rest of this month.

We are delighted to see what an impact Bluegrass Today has on the bluegrass world, but sorry to have sowed confusion on the waters – and interrupted Kenny’s sleep!

A new edition of the Kenny & Amanda Smith Band will be announced in early November, when the two of them return from Florida, and will debut on the Buckeye Valley Bluegrass Opry in Hebron, OH on November 18.

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