The grass is blue in Ketchikan, Alaska


My name is Amos Hopkins and I am new to Bluegrass Today. I am a fiddler and play most other stringed instruments. I am currently living in Ketchikan, Alaska. A shout out to all the players in the great white north! Anyways, I hoping to meet other players through this site (esp. ones from Alaska), learn new things, and maybe make some connections.

For my friends scattered about Alaska. I am looking forward to bumping into to some of you hopefully at the 2008 Alaska State Folk Festival in Juneau! I believe that I’ll be playing at the fest. in Pelican, AK this year as well. Currently I am playing with a couple of different groups. I am also working as a designer in Ketchikan. In my precious spare time, I also DJ a radio show for KRBD fm in K-town. Please send me a “howdy” if your interested.