The future of Bluegrass Europe magazine

Bluegrass Europe #75The European Bluegrass Blog has been posting some news recently concerning the future of Bluegrass Europe magazine.

It seems the board of the European Bluegrass Music Association (EBMA) has decided to continue publication of the magazine, as a stand-alone publication beginning with the April 2011 issue, BE #79. Currently, Bluegrass Europe is published bi-monthly. Printed in English, Bluegrass Europe is distributed alongside the German publication Bluegrass Bühne, and the Dutch magazine Strictly Country. All three publication are printed and bound together in one binding, and provided to members of the EBM

The new arrangement will be given a trial period of one year with reevaluation and adjustments in the spring of 2012. The board is now working to set up an editorial team whose mission will be to expand the publication’s appeal to all those throughout Europe who have an interest in bluegrass music.

Paolo Dettwiler, editor of Bluegrass Europe, will be retiring after thirteen years in the editorial chair, after the publication of issue #78 (February/March 2011).

We are excited to see what the future holds for bluegrass music in Europe. We hope the EBMA leadership are able to successfully expand the scope and distribution of Bluegrass Europe.