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Stop The Presses……..Stop The Presses
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Yeah that’s right Stop the Presses………The Fabulous Bagasse Boyz have gone and done it.  We HAVE recorded a new CD and it is now out and available for purchase.  We have them in our hands.  All this time ya’ll thought that we were pulling ya’lls legs, pulling the wool over ya’lls eyes, pulling the old bait and switch, pulling……….well……you get the point.  It is available at any of our shows, at Barnes and Noble in Baton Rouge, at the CD Compact Store in Baton Rouge and will be available online shortly or you can shoot us an email and we’ll get one out to ya.  I must say that this is the best CD that The Fabulous Bagasse Boyz have recorded to date.  They are a limited edition item and we only have a few left as we have already sold under a million.  So get them while they last cause once they’re gone……they’re gone…………till we get the next box of limited edition CD’s out of the trunk.  Come on Folks, they make great gifts, for weddings, birthdays, they make great clay pidgeons or you can just hang them from your rear view mirror……an accessory that everyone needs.  They’re hot, Hot, HOT.  Hope to see ya’ll soon.

Fritz………………The Fabulous Bagasse Boyz

P.S. If ya’ll would like for us to come visit ya’ll in your town……..give us a call and ask for us at your local musical establishment.  We’d love to come play for ya’ll.  You can visit our web site for a couple of cuts and a video [montage of pics with another cut] from our CD.