The Best Of Del McCoury

The Best Of Del McCouryDel McCoury has been in the news a lot recently. He’s just released a controversial new CD. He was just announced as the host for this year’s IBMA Awards Show. Now comes news of a new CD by GrooveGrass Records titled The Best Of Del McCoury: The GrooveGrass Years.

The CD is a compilation of recordings made during a period of time beginning in the in the mid-late 90’s. I clearly remember the first time I heard the GrooveGrass version of the Macarena. Then I heard GrooveGrass 101 and I was hooked. I already liked Del as a vocalist, and hearing him in this context was just too fun. GrooveGrass is the original mash-up of Hip Hop and Bluegrass. Somehow, it works.

During that time though, a number of strait up, hard driving bluegrass tracks were cut as well. They were released as part of various albums GrooveGrass Records was putting out. Now these tracks have been gathered into one place on The Best Of Del McCoury: The GrooveGrass Years.

The CD is scheduled to be released tomorrow, August 12, 2008, on all digital formats.

An “Online Limited Edition” version on disc is currently available at This limited edition CD contains 2 bonus tracks (12 tracks instead of the 10 the regular album will contain). There are only 3,500 available so order yours today.

I’ve had a chance to listen to the CD and I’ve got to say that these newer recordings are infinitely better than the originals in many respects. Engineered and mixed by Gary Paczosa, this CD could appropriately be labeled as an audiophile recording. As a long time fan of Del McCoury’s sound, I thouroughly enjoyed his remakes of these classic tunes. Some of these were orignially recorded somewhat early in his career, and these newer recordings showcase Del as a more matural vocalist with great pitch and phrasing.

The ten tracks include:

  1. Get Down On Your Knees And Pray
  2. I Feel The Blues Movin’ In
  3. I’ve Endured
  4. Speak To Me Little Darlin’
  5. I Wonder Where You Are Tonight
  6. Beauty Of My Dreams
  7. I’ll Sail My Ship Alone
  8. White House Blues
  9. Can’t You Hear Me Calling
  10. More Pretty Girls Than One

Some of the tracks are Del and his band, some are collaborations with Doc Watson, Mac Wiseman, and others. The most unusual pairing, and the one track that is not straight up bluegrass is Bill Monroe’s Can’t You Hear Me Calling. This is the only GrooveGrass track on the CD, featuring Del and Bootsy Collins. It’s an enjoyable track and showcases the best of the GrooveGrass style.

GrooveGrass Records has set up a Bluegrass Room in Google’s new virtual world, Lively, where you can hear some of the tracks. Lively currently only supports Windows XP and Vista, and you will need to install the Windows client to enter the room.

To celebrate the release of this best of recording, GrooveGrass Records has graciously offered to let us give away 10 copies each week for the next few weeks. Enter the drawing below and each week we’ll randomly select 10 winners to receive a free copy of The Best Of Del McCoury: The GrooveGrass Years.

This promotion has been closed. Thanks to all who participated, and a big thanks to the folks at GrooveGrass Records for making it possible!