The B – gravatars

If you’ve signed up for a gravatar for use on The B you may have noticed that it takes a while for them to be approved. I know that a number of you have signed up for them, so I thought I would encourage patience. It took nearly a week for my own gravatar to be approved and rated.

Here’s how this works. You go to and sign up for a free account. Be sure to use the same email address you used when registering for this site. Once your account is set up with, you can upload a picture to use as an icon next to your username everytime you post a comment here on Bluegrass Today. You’ll also want it for use on The B. The good folks over at will take a look at the photo you uploaded and give it a rating, much like a movie rating G, PG, R, etc. We have decided to only allow G and PG rated gravatars here on Bluegrass Today. But his way we don’t have to police it, they do.

Another nice feature is that if you belong to any other sites that use gravatars, your gravatar will automatically display if your user account at that site matches the email address you used at

We’ll enable the gravatars in comments when The B launches, which will be very soon.