• 2013 Central Canadian Bluegrass Award winners

    The winners of the 35th annual Central Canadian Bluegrass Award were announced in Huntsville, ON this past weekend. Voting for nominees and winners is limited to members of the Northern Bluegrass Committee, who sponsor the awards, or one of six regional bluegrass clubs

  • Special Lady, Special Song

    Right after she found out she was dying, Carol Simpson found a way to live forever. She decided to record a bluegrass song. That song, A Part of Me, grew into an album of the same time, recorded with the Canadian band,

  • Composed – Hard Ryde

    Canada has quite an active bluegrass scene, with musicians and festivals to be found across the majority of the country. Quite a few groups make their home in the province of Ontario, including the celebrated band Hard Ryde. The band

  • 33rd Annual Central Canada Bluegrass Awards

    This report on the 33rd Annual Central Canada Bluegrass Awards is a contribution from Martin Chapman. Over the past weekend, the luxurious Deerhurst Resort near Huntsville, Ontario in the heart of Muskoka cottage country, underwent a major transformation. The Province's most well-known indoor and outdoor

  • Hard Ryde: Stages

    Hard Ryde first caught my ear in 2007 with their CD Expressed (released in 2006). In 2008 they released Stages. Like most bluegrass bands they experienced some band member turn over between CDs, but if the changes had any effect on

  • Hard Ryde: Expressed

    I always enjoy hearing a new band, especially if they're good. I discovered Hard Ryde a while back and I've been listening to their CD, Expressed, for several weeks and thought I'd share it with our readers here on Bluegrass