Steve Kaufman in 2007

This post is another from our all-the-more regular contributor, Richard Thompson. He writes from England, where he is also a longstanding contributor to British Bluegrass News, a quarterly print publication where he also briefly served as editor.

Steve Kaufman MystiqueThe latest edition of guitarist Steve Kaufman’s Flatpicking Hotline publication announces details of Kaufman’s schedule for March and April as well providing a registration form for his Kamp 2007.

Kaufman is a National Flatpicking Champion in 1978 at 21 years of age and winner twice more since. After conducting private teaching lessons for about 20 years he produced the first of a wide range of instructional material in 1989.

Steve began touring the world conducting seminars, workshops, clinics and concerts in 1990 and after 5 years he began Steve Kaufman’s Flatpicking Camp. They have grown into the largest Camps of their kind in the world with students traveling from around the world to Maryville, Tennessee. In 2002 and 2004, Steve Kaufman received the Gold Award from a reader’s poll in Acoustic Guitar Magazine for running the “Best Workshops, Seminars and Camps.”

Kaufman has several studio recordings to his credit, the latest of which is the CD Mystique which comprises 17 tracks performed with the assistance of special guests Bobby Hicks, Emory Lester, Gary Davis and Casey Henry among others. He has just released the seventh in the CD series Best Of Kamp Concerts.

Kamp 2007 comprises two separate weeks of tuition on all bluegrass instruments – see the official Kamp web site for the schedules for each week. The first week’s lessons commence on June 10 and are followed immediately by the second week of sessions from June 17 through to June 24.

Details of Steve Kaufman’s commitments for 2007 can be found on his web site.