Sonny Osborne health news

Wanted to pass along to Bluegrass Today community the following unpleasant news which was posted on the BanjoHangout this afternoon by Judy Osborne:
Sonny had a mild stroke Saturday. He’s in a rehab unit already and doing well.

As of now, no further information has been released, but I am sure Sonny and Judy could use all the positive thoughts and prayers any of us so inclined might have to offer.

– A.J.

  • A.J. Fuller

    As a followup, here is the latest update from Judy regarding Sonny’s condition:

    I want to thank everyone for all the kind words and prayers.

    I’m printing out your Hangout messages and emails that you sent to ME to take to Sonny today. Any emails that you might have sent to Sonny’s address … he won’t see them until he gets home.

    He’s working hard on his therapy, as I knew he would, but it’s very frustrating for him. BP and all that other stuff is pretty much under control, which is quite a relief.

  • A.J. Fuller

    For anyone still following this thread, Judy has passed along that Sonny will be heading home from the hospital tomorrow (1/23/2007)