Self Titled – Spring Creek 45

Spring Creek 45, a band comprised primarily of Alabama based musicians, came together in March 2023 to record an album of original music with a mostly traditional flavor. The resulting self-titled project on Common Loon Records captures the group’s strong vocals and instrumental work in a raw, yet compelling manner.

The opening track, A Little Lonesome, is the perfect song to bring a listener into this recording. Written by Justin Stickler, this track features bluesy lead vocals from guitarist Wesley Knapp, and heavy duty mandolin picking from Michael Prewitt, who most are familiar with as the current mandolinist for Special Consensus. Along with Knapp and Prewitt, this track also consists of Mike Bailey on banjo, Kelsey Cunningham on fiddle, and Steven Salter on bass.

Superhero by Steven Salter is a light hearted ditty about the vivid imagination a child can have. It’s a pure song about a simpler time, one that will surely take anyone back to those happy memories of their own.

Searching For Shade by Justin Stickler, Jeremiah Maddox, Steve Salter, and Russ Parrish is a catchy song about the hot sun and the desperate need for shade. This is another track where Michael Prewitt really shines. It’s a great example of his commanding approach on the mandolin. This song also consists of Parrish on bass.

Speaking of Prewitt, North Mississippi Blues features him on lead vocals. Written by Stickler, this piece paints a wonderful portrait of the music that has become a rich part of the Magnolia State’s regional history. Michael delivers an emotive performance here and is joined by Jeremiah Maddox on harmony vocals.

Little Cabin Home on the Hill is one of two covers featured on this project. It’s rendered in a strong straight ahead fashion by Wesley Knapp and features excellent instrumental work from all the musicians on this track. The other cover, House of Gold, is a track that’s filled with soulfulness and tender emotion.

Trying To Get Things Done by Stickler is a song about the endless amounts of tasks that can stress and weigh a person down. Although light-hearted in its melody, the lyrics will surely remind the listener of the to-do list that they’ve either completed or need to complete.

Spring Creek 45 is a solid ensemble of talented vocalists and instrumentalists. This self-titled album captures originality in its purest form. At times the execution is rough around the edges, but in this case it adds to the beauty of what’s being presented.

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Braeden Paul

Braeden Paul has been involved in various capacities of bluegrass music. A Texas native, Paul has been part of several Dallas-based bands as a mandolinist. He also serves on the board of directors of the Southwest Bluegrass Club in Grapevine, TX. As a writer, Braeden has also contributed numerous music reviews to the Bluegrass Society of America Facebook page, and is the co-author of Texas Bluegrass History: High Lonesome on the High Plains.