Saturday images from Joe Val 2018

Saturday at the Joe Val Festival was jammed packed with hot bands on the stages, loads of workshops, and lots of pickin’ in all sorts of areas of the hotel.

Bands came from all over the country and one had come from Europe. Red Wine is a bluegrass band from Italy, and were a blast both on the stage and off. It is so great to see how bluegrass has become a globally-played and appreciated music. Looks like there are bluegrass buddies to be found all over the world these days.

I look forward to meeting some more of our international bluegrassers, and think it is a fun idea that we can now travel around the world to see and take part in bluegrass festivals in other countries. When I come to bluegrass events like Joe Val, it has been illustrated so many times how the music really does a beautiful job of bringing people together, and making the world a funner and friendlier place to be.

Here are some photos and a couple of videos so you can get a taste of the sights and sounds of the festival on Saturday.

First up, Red Wine does a bluegrass versions of Merle Haggard’s Somewhere Between

…followed Bluegrass Collusion with their original number, John Wesley Hardin.