Daniel Mullins and his new toy at MerleFest

Sierra Hull at MerleFest 2024 – photo © Daniel Mullins

If you know Daniel Mullins – son of Joe, midday host on Real Roots Radio, noted bluegrass writer, host of the Walls of Time podcast, and producer of the Industrial Strength Bluegrass Festival – you know that he loves his gadgets. Every time I see him, he has a new recording device or podcasting tool he’s just obtained, and they are always cutting edge and extremely cool.

He’s sent us this gallery of photos he took at MerleFest this past weekend, using his latest acquisition, the CampSnap camera.

Let’s have him tell the tale…

“In the digital age, sometimes it is nice to simplify things. It’s so easy to live with our nose in our phones, especially at live events where the purpose is to be in the moment, but too often our eyes are on our screens trying to get the perfect picture or video ‘for the ‘gram.’

I discovered CampSnap Camera last year, and it’s been a blast taking it to events. It’s a screenless digital camera, similar to a disposal camera you’d take on a field trip or vacation back in the day, except it is reusable with an SD card (and you don’t have to pay umpteen dollars and wait two-three weeks to get your photos back from the drug store). You have the blessing of not being able to see the photos you took until you get to a computer, allowing you to capture some cool shots without obsessing over capturing the perfect one. You also get a cool, old school aesthetic, which is a definite plus!

Check it out at campsnapphoto.com.

Here are some fun shots I snagged during my time at this year’s MerleFest on my CampSnap Camera. Enjoy!”

We’ve adjusted the color and exposure slightly, as we do for all photos posted here at Bluegrass Today.

Thanks Daniel!

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