Rounding Third – Bluestreak

After a hiatus of fifteen years, Bluestreak of Prince Edward Island, Canada has returned with the release of their third album. Rounding Third is a collection of fifteen original songs capturing feelings of sentimentality, humor, love and longing.

The Bluegrass Singer written by David and Ron Blue is a true story about their father, Laurie. The song, which tells a light-hearted story of a man discovering bluegrass and playing it for pleasure, features David on bass, Larry Campbell on mandolin, Marcella Richards on guitar, Roger Wightman on banjo, and Peter Richards on dobro.

The following track, This Old Bass, follows a similar theme of recollection. Written by Roger Whitman, this song also revolves around David and the 18th century double bass that he’s been playing since he was a young man.

I Won’t Forget Fiona by Peter Richards was initially inspired by Hurricane Fiona, which hit Prince Edward Island in September 2022. In this song though, Fiona is characterized as a woman who’s flipped the life of her significant other upside down. Along with catchy lyrics, this track has a memorable, rhythmic melody.

Another Mule in My Stall and Honey I’m Home talk of relationships nearing their end with different levels of emotion. The former, written by Patricia Brooke, is the true standout of this project. It talks of one being left in the dark by their partner in a clever fashion. The latter by Peter Richards approaches the final chapter of one’s romance with a much more serious tone.

March On by Roger Wightman is a clever song about the changing of seasons, with a special longing for springtime. Along with creative lyrics, this track has a strong driving melody.

The last two tracks, Voice of An Angel and You Never Know, are both gospel songs. The former by Roger Wightman and Larry Campbell speaking of a mother demonstrating her strong Christian faith to her family, while the latter, also by Wightman, shares a message of putting your trust in God even in the midst of uncertainty.

Rounding Third is a wonderful release. With the band containing several gifted songwriters, this album ultimately demonstrates Bluestreak’s greatest strength. The original material presented here runs the gamut of human emotion. It’s a recording that can draw in any listener.

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