Rhonda Vincent on Prairie Home Companion

Rhonda Vincent & The Rage will be guests on this weekend’s edition of A Prairie Home Companion, which airs live tonight (2/12) from 6:00-8:00 p.m. (EST).

The show is carried on almost 600 public radio stations in the US, with some affiliates carrying the show live, and others scheduling it for rebroadcast at some point on Saturday or Sunday. You can find your closest local affiliate on the APHC web site, or you can listen to the live stream online.

Rhonda told us a few minutes ago that they still aren’t sure which songs they will be performing tonight – or whether they will participate in any other segments of the show.

“They don’t give out the set list until 5 minutes before the show starts. We performed 5 songs from Taken at rehearsals yesterday, and I gave them copies of Taken after rehearsal. But you never know about Garrison. You have to be awake, alert, and ready to play at all times when you are on A Prairie Home Companion.

That’s what I love about the show. It’s so spontaneous. We never use a set list anyway, so we’re good to go, no matter what we are called on to do! It’s Aaron and Ben’s first appearance on the show. They were excited to meet Garrison yesterday.”

Tonight’s show will originate from Bemidji, MN. Jazz guitarist Sam Miltich and vocalist Andra Suchy will also perform.

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