Reader Feedback

Thank you to everyone that has responded to our request for reader feedback. We’ve gotten some great responses and we’ll share some of them with you below. Some of the ideas that you guys had were really good and we’re looking at ways to incorporate them in the near future. We’ve decided to keep the Feedback Form open for one more week, so if you haven’t yet told us what you love or hate about Bluegrass Today, please do so.

So let’s hear what some of you have said so far:

I like all the latest info fast. I am a subscriber to the bluegrass magazines, and I usually know the latest information before I get my latest subscription. ~ Cody

The one thing that I really don’t care about is that IBMA thing. You know, banjo player of the year etc. I don’t care about that stuff. ~ Ken

I also love all the IBMA information updated as quickly as it is. A lot of the times you have it posted before they do. ~ Christy

More…’Debate’ opportunities. The “Live Recording/Downloading Debate” was enlightening as to how different bluegrass folks percieve this issue. ~ Joe

Absolutely awesome, I am addicted to your blog!!!! ~ Ken

We have a 60g iPod and very much enjoy the podcasts. It’s a nice break from music, on a long trip. ~ Jenny

I love the ability to download the GrassCast. That way I can listen to it at my convenience, and again, and again. ~ Philip

And here’s my personal favorite:

It’s blog-a-licious! ~ Casey