Re: Kentucky Lake Bluegrass Festival 2008

Just read the KY Lake Bluegrass Festival 2008 information. I am a member of the JPFOB and am a little astounded at the news that there is a band out there giving false information about our upcoming festival. My hope would be that this is not intentional but just that they have incorrect information. Those knowing who that group is…please tell them differently and ask them to make correcting statements in the forums they have available to them. Afterall, the preservation of the music is the important thing here!

This organization has worked hard to maintain this festival and I would hate to see a whole organization penalized due to someone sharing bad information. All of you that are willing to help us get the word out about the June 13th and 14th Kentucky Lake Bluegrass festival…my thanks! Thanks to “Bluegrass Today” for posting this story as I know it will help tremendously in correcting this error!!!