I am greatly saddened by the “retirement” of the RBW.  Having attended the event for the previous 5 years (I think that’s right – 4 T-Shirts plus the first year I attended when the memento was a ballcap), I have gained immeasurably from the instruction and especially the comraderie I experienced at the event.  Unlike some folks, this was my only multi-day bluegrass event of the year and, indeed, a highlight of my year.  Perhaps we can get behind John and Herschel and offer encouragement and assistance to persuade them to bring RBW out of retirement next year.  If Michael Jordan and Roger Clemens can retire and come back, so can RBW!

Thank you, Herschel and John and the Acutab staff and all the volunteers, who helped put RBW on my map as an incredibly wonderful bluegrass experience.  I’ll miss it this year and hope I don’t have to miss it next year!  Come on, bloggers, let’s let them hear of our support and encouragement.

Mark Byrum