Paul & Kelsi Harrigill and their Camellia Concert Series

The bluegrass music was world was rocked a few months ago, when one of the genre’s top bands, Flatt Lonesome announced that they would be taking an indefinite hiatus. Thankfully, the band’s members are excited to start families of their own, and are enjoying spending time off the road as the band’s successful run nears an end later this year.

The band promised, though, that they would continue to be involved in music in different ways. Paul and Kelsi Harrigill have recently announced the debut of a brand new concert series in Vinemont, Alabama. Featuring bluegrass and more, the Camellia Concert Series debuts this week, bringing roots music entertainment to families in Alabama at the gorgeous Chapel Valley Farms. The first concert features Volume Five, and takes place this Thursday, May 30th.

We caught up with Kelsi Harrigill to learn more about her and Paul (and Little Carter’s) new venture.

Where did the idea for the Camellia Concert Series come from?

Putting on our own concert is something that Paul and I have dreamt of for a long time, but with being on the road with Flatt Lonesome, it just wasn’t an option.

How do you think your and Paul’s experience in a successful, touring bluegrass band has prepared you to host a concert series?

I think, mostly importantly, we know how to take care of people. We know how difficult road life is. We also know some circumstances can be less than desirable at times, and we remember the people who went the extra mile to make us feel like we had a home on the road, made us feel comfortable, and met our needs. Although we’re putting on a show for “the people,” our goal is to have a place where musicians can come and work, but also relax.

What have you learned about hosting a concert, now that you are seeing it from the other side?

We have learned that it is similar to playing the show in the sense that there is a LOT of work that goes into it behind the scenes for your “15 minutes of fame.”

Where will the Camellia Concert Series be held?

The Camellia Concert Series will be held at Chapel Valley Farms in Vinemont, Alabama.

Who will be performing at this initial run of concerts?

Our 2019 bands include Volume Five, The Grascals, and our last band will be announced soon!

What will make the Camellia Concert Series a unique experience for attendees?

The Camellia Concert Series a night of fun for the entire family to experience together, a place for families to make memories. We want to present music of all types to young people and allow the Camellia Concert Series to be an event that families hold dear to their hearts!

Do you and Paul have any other musical plans following the last handful of Flatt Lonesome shows?

Paul and I have many dreams! Most of which involve music. Although we are taking more time at home, we are not disappearing anytime soon — keep your eyes and ears open!

What will Carter’s job be with the Camellia Concert Series?

I’m sure Carter will be more than happy to help with all the snacks!

Tickets and more information about the Camellia Concert Series can be found

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