Patriotism isn’t politics…


In response to the person from the Netherlands to “keep American politics out of the IBMA”, it appears he is defining “politics” as ANY indication or mention of our nationality, then proceeds to launch a critique of current administration policies. The performing of traditional patriotic songs is NOT politics, and he is stretching that word to cover mere mention of our nationality in an attempt to control the proceedings.

Bush was never mentioned in any of the patriotic music, yet this Netherlands person is the one to insert a specific political bent. It does not matter if the US is popular in the world or not,  or even who happens to occupy the Oval Office an any given time, traditional patriotic music is  NOT politics. Support or critique of a specific President (as he did) IS politics, and was never included in the program at IBMA.

We should make it known ahead of time that there WILL be general patriotic music, so that those who choose to be offended can also choose whether they will attend or not.

                                                                                 Tom Flack