On Mud River Lee & his Bluegrass Orchestra at Conway’s ‘Smokin’ Bar & Grill

We need more jammers!

It is a hard way to go, I guess, in being a band leader and trying to keep everyone happy and comfortable. Lee Modder of Mud River Lee, has been combining the likes of many talented performers in the spirit of Bluegrass, in an attempt to modify or accentuate his own Americana Folky style….but it hasn’t been a cakewalk. Muddy makes a great Bluegrass guitarist, and an excellent ‘folkie’ Americana frontiersman/frontman, and he has put his time in and has certainly contributed to the world of songwriting, but keeping a mandolin player consistently, as well as his long times revered fiddler John Losienecki around and at beck and call, as well as performing newbie Musky Mike virtuoso Greylak has been tough, as there are other draws.

The competition is getting fierce. On Thursdays when I began this journey it was to supplement our rehearsal time in a live setting. Afterall, I am a Production Gal, who LOVES to produce, promote, and perform…so sitting around in a kitchen, although I do get my music urges fulfilled, but without regular paid gigs, it is alright with me to ‘just go out and create an income producing gig’, and so I have been attempting to build something with the band, should all members be able to come and perform. With time, it should eventually supply or lead to some small funding to possibly buy a new PA one day, or–in the world of dreamers:  inner ear monitors, or, even an ultimate best would be to, recomp the ad or printing costs, fixate some radio time with our and our friend’s bands Names front and Center or Prime, and even provide gas for our varying Bass Fiddler’s Wilson Brown and Jennifer Pendur or Lonesome George Bauer, who sits in on harmonica, all who live a great distance. Like moths to the flame of other light coming from other  jamboreeing venues, they might swing, and on the same night….. well hellsbells.

Even having our own guys swing by Apple Holler, before stoking over to Conway’s Smokin Bar and Grill for the Thursday night wings at .35cent each and Mud River Lee and The Bluegrass Orchestra assemblage for the Acoustic jamboree with Special Featured Guests, is great, in keeping with the theme of good natured livin. Are all the fiddler players, banjo players, and mandolin, ukele, dobro players IN on the Thursday nights that Apple Holler is not open for jambing?

Barbara Meyer-Spidell is a vocalist/percussionist for Mud River Lee & the Bluegrass Orchestra, as well as a solo performer soon to be produced by legendary music Mark Shurilla. Dec 2008.