Olde Surber Station Radio Blog

John started this with his post about Butch Robins’ blog. Here’s another bluegrass related blog.

Jack Lewis hosts an internet bluegrass radio show titled: Bluegrass and Old Time Music Radio Show.

Olde Surber Station Radio is a Live365.com network radio station…

…The show is broadcast four times every Saturday: 8-9 am, 10-11 am, Noon to 1 pm and 2-3 pm Eastern Daylight Time. Remember, if you”re busy and can”t listen to the show, it is also available for download as an mp3 file and as a podcast.

The latest episode, it’s the 8th one, was published on Oct. 14th. It’s 43 minutes in length.

Jack also blogs. His blog is the Olde Surber Station Radio Blog and was started to provide a venue for podcasting the show and supplying more information about the featured bands. And it certainly does. This episode features three bluegrass bands comprised only of kids. All three are from Virginia. I was only familiar with one of the bands, the bass player is the granddaughter of my optometrist, but I was impressed with all three bands’ performances. The blog entry for this episode provides a wealth of background information about each band, along with links to their website if they have one.

Go check it out and be encouraged about the future of bluegrass music.