Obscure Nashvillians

As a Nashvillian myself, I have the advantage of going to see great bluegrass performances at the Station Inn.. pretty much any time I feel like it. Here are some artists that are regularly selling out the Station Inn, and will hopefully soon be household names (in bluegrass households, anyway).

First, The Steeldrivers. (http://www.myspace.com/thesteeldrivers). A brilliant combination of bluegrass, and blues with some of the most soulfull vocals I have ever laid ears on. Lead singer Chris Stapleton has already made waves in Nashville as a hit country songwriter (“Your Man”-Josh Turner), but now he is garnering a very different kind of attention with his “sandpaper to silk” voice, and gut-wrenching lyrical contributions to The Steeldrivers. I’ll stop rambling, you just HAVE to hear these guys (and girl). Rumor has it that they were just signed to Rounder. Not positive on that one, but I definately wouldn’t be surprised.

Next, Julie Lee. (http://www.myspace.com/stillhouseroad). You may know her from her 2004 release, “Stillhouse Road” on Compadre Records. That was a great album, but her independent stuff is fantastic. She is about to release an indie record that will blow your mind. She fuses bluegrass, jazz and ‘old time music’ in an effortless trill. Oh, and she also penned two of the songs on the newest Alison Krauss record. Not bad Julie.

Lastly (but not leastly), The Peasall Sisters. (http://www.myspace.com/thepeasallsisters). Remember those adorable little voices on the “O Brother” soundtrack, singing “In the Highways”? Well, those precious little tots have grown up, and their voices and instrumental prowess have matured right along with them. With Sarah on guitar, Hannah on mandolin and Leah on fiddle, combined with their goose-bump inducing ‘sister harmonies’, they will win you over, all over again. As an added bonus, they’re really sweet girls. No divas allowed in that homeschooling family of 8.

If you take my advice and check out these artists, you will be very happy. And I will be very happy if you are happy. So, there you go.

Erika Chambers