Ralph Stanley Obama Ads

Had I been able to find an email for you, I would not have written this message in this space.  First of all, I am one of your greatest admirers and feel that you are, indeed, a legend in you own time.  Your music is breathtakingly beautiful!  I am a SW Virginia native, my father worked in the coal mines.  Mr. Stanley, the Democratic party today is not the one our fathers supported.  Barack Obama is a Marxist Socialist who hates America and plans to change it into essentially a Communist country.

He blows off the terrorist Bill Ayers by saying he was 8 years old when Ayers was bombing America, however, he was 35 years old when he asked Ayers to support him, and he was 40 years old when he worked with Ayers to distribute $100 million to leftist organizations in Chicago. Ayers did not put him in that position because he was the guy next door.  They are tight.

And twenty years in Jeremiah Wright’s church:  “God d*** America!”  Which of our neighbors would come close to associating with such radical America haters?  I would hate for you, an American icon, to die knowing you had unwittingly helped bring down the country who loved you so much.

Respectfully, Pat

  • scssmith

    excellent talking head points straight from Fox News…..you bought into them just the way the hoped you would…..

  • jetfromtn

    Pat, It’s people like you that give this country a bad name. You have no concept of what you are spewing. You have taken the stupid republican crap hook line and sinker. You can see by now that the great majority of citizens, even in VA had no truck with your argument. Look at the election map and try to comprehend that you are dead wrong. Ralph Stanley is a wise man and you could do well to do more listening to wise men instead of a bunch of W’s henchmen