Nu Blu at Porter Barn Wood in Phoenix

This article is a contribution from Glenn Wright, of Guy Raleigh Management, who recently returned from the Sideline west coast tour. Guy Raleigh Management assists with tour management, show publicity, and social media presence.

While Phoenix has always had some amazing bluegrass venues, a new unlikely choice for fans and bands alike is quickly making a name for itself. Porter Barn Wood, a company which collects wood from a number of sources including east coast barns being demolished, and uses the wood to create rustic looking tables, doors, and more, has recently begun holding bluegrass house concerts on the porch of an authentic cabin built within their newest Phoenix showroom.

Their first show, in mid-February, featured Sideline. Steve Dilling, Sideline front man, commented that Porter Barn Wood was a great venue, with an amazing crowd. “We weren’t sure what to expect”, said Dilling, “since we were the first band to play there, but it was a great place to play”.

This past Thursday, Nu-Blu became the second band to perform at the Porter Barn Wood showroom this month. Daniel and Carolyn Routh performed many of their hits, playing to a near sellout crowd. According to Carolyn Routh, Nu Blu had a really good time and hopes to be able to return soon.

Nu-Blu is just ending their six-week west coast tour and expected to be returning home to North Carolina next week. During the tour Nu Blu took time to show their support for the California Bluegrass Association and Southwest Bluegrass Association, visiting with veterans at the California Veterans Home and students at the West Palms Conservatory School.

Daniel Routh told us that were honored to work with the students there.

“The Bluegrass in the Schools program in West Palms in amazing. The Southwest Bluegrass Association and music instructor Eric Nordbeck have put together a fantastic program that has over 90 students involved learning bluegrass on a daily basis. We always look forward to being able to assist them in teaching the bluegrass students.”

Though Nu Blu had a fun tour they are excited to be getting home and might be working on some new songs between tours.