Thursday at Florida Bluegrass Classic ’17

Thursday at the Florida Bluegrass Classic opened with a songwriting seminar hosted by Mark (Brink) Brinkman.

The show continued with a Classic Country Roundup that featured local musicians. Jo Odom took the reins as MC for the remainder of the festival.  A Florida based trio calling themselves The Adventures of Annabelle Lyn made their first appearance at the Classic. Their music is a mix of country, bluegrass, and rock featuring all acoustic instruments. They do both covers and original music and provided a change of pace that the audience thoroughly enjoyed.

Remington Ryde from Pennsylvania made the first of two days of appearances. They also provide a mix of traditional bluegrass and classic country music. Promoter Ernie Evans has formed a band called South Country Classic who closed out the evening with appearances by Billy Droze and Grace Pfeiffer.

Friday brings the Gary Waldrep Band, radio personality Greg Bird, Remington Ryde, and Marty Raybon & Full Circle to the Classic stage.