“No Turning Back” – Lonesome River Band – A Review

This veteran group really comes on strong as they start out with a bluesy number, “Them Blues”. These guys play as a unit, there are no guest musicians, and it sounds like it was recorded live.
This group is full of tradition, but their playing and excellence in recording with some effects gives them somewhat more of an acoustic country band sound, but they can play bluegrass riffs with the best.
“Dime Store Rings” is an excellent uptempo ballad with great lyrics and a a real cohesive sound. Their instrument playing is original and will get ya movin’. Their vocals are real tight and emotive, plus original sounding too. “Wires and Wood” is a tremendous song, both vocally and instrumentally. This is a simple, but very rich sounding recording. Overall, real warm sounding.
“Not There Yet” is an excellent uptempo ballad written by guitarist Brandon Rickman and someone else. I love the excellent hooks and the way it blends music with lyrics.
Each song I hear, I love this group more and there are a lot of great groups out there today ,such as Blue Highway, Mountain Heart and Carrie Hassler and Hard Rain.
“Lonesome River Band” is Brandon Rickman – guitar, vocal/ Andy Ball – mandolin, piano,vocal/ Sammy Shelar – banjo and vocal /Mike Anglin-bass and vocal and Mike Hartgrove – fiddle.
“Darkness Wept” is one of the most touching songs that I have ever heard of the crucifixion of Jesus Christ.
“Struttin to Ferrum” is an instrumental jam song. These guys are a real joy to listen to. Brandon finally erupts on the guitar and gives us a great bluegrass guitar solo. Once again, these guys are a real tight band.
“Flowers” is a sad, but happy song about redemption, death,”Look what it took, for me to finally bring you flowers” ,a real tear jerker -once again, their vocal arrangements are original and so refreshing.
Gotta tell you about one more song, “We Couldn’t Tell” is about a family going through the great depression, but they didn’t notice because they were poor anyway and had a real family.