New release by MasterShield Records

MasterShield Records is pleased to announce the release of a very exciting ablum by The Atkinson Family, called Angels Rejoice.

It is their first release on the MasterShield label, and one of the songs is on the current Prime Cuts of Bluegrass CD., the song Friday, writtenby John Cadley.

It has powerful lyrics and sung with inspiration and heartfelt conviction. That song alone is enough to warrant adding this CD to your bluegrass collection.

Some of the more traditional songs on the album are, Little Black Train, Wayfaring Stranger and Shores of Jordan.

This CD is filled to the brim with some of the most talented musicians and smooth blending vocals, you could ever wish to find on an album. It is a wonderful example of The Atkinson Family’s devotion to and accomplishment in bluegrass music.