New Music from MasterShield Records

MasterShield Records is pleased to announce the signing of exclusive contracts with the following artists:

Alex Hibbitts is a young mandolin player and songwriter from Johnson City, Tennessee. He will primarily be contributing original tunes and contemporary songs to the MasterShield label.

The Muellers, a young family band from Waterville, Maine consisting of six (6) brothers and sisters ranging in age from 5 to 18 years. You can expect to see mostly gospel bluegrass but also traditional and original numbers from this group.

Southern Skye, another recent addition, is a teen 5-piece band from Kentucky and Tennessee. They mix traditional bluegrass with contemporary style while also performing original tunes. Their motto is, "Reaching back to the past to bring bluegrass to the future."

All four of these bands will have projects available this spring or early summer. We are delighted to have the opportunity to play a part in bringing these young bands one-step closer to realizing their dreams.

We thank our Creator first and foremost but also thank the bands for allowing us to help them bring good bluegrass music to an audience hungry for sounds that touch the soul.