New member inquiries

Hello out there. I’m not sure what I’m doing here but maybe someone can help. I am trying to find a bluegrass chat room..I guess that’s what you call it..where people submit questions about a particular subject and other people respond with various answers. Questions might include something like what are the best strings for a resophonic guitar, who has recorded certain versions of the same song, inquiries about a certain bluegrass festival, and so on. I have a friend who plays steel guitar and they have a site like this. They get on and talk back and forth about whatever comes to mind. It is really interesting and informative to get so many peoples’ ideas on the same subject. I was guided to this site by Bluegras Unlimited magazine which I have subscribed to fo many years. They also recommended Grasspace. but I decided on this site. I will submit this, but I don’t know yet where it goes or who will read it. I’d like to hear from someone with answers to my questions. I am not interested in listening to radio interviews with celebs, just sharing information and ideas with other musicians about our wonderful world of bluegrass music. Hope someone can help. Thanx.

Bob Allen
Seaford, De